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Testimonials and Letters to Dr. Carl Lauryssen

My back surgery thus far has been very successful. One year post surgery I was able to partake in some fairly strenuous hikes with my family in Moab, Utah. I had minor discomfort during and following the hike, my pain level is far less today than it was before my surgery. I would not have been able to do the hikes I participated in before my surgery. Thank you again for the care and quality of work you performed in the repair of my back injury.  ~Ben M.

It took me a long time to accept the fact that I would never be 100% and that was difficult. I also was unable to really grasp the amount of time taken to recover. Of course these were both told to me by Dr. Lauryssen but I didn't understand and that was difficult for me. I am now able to do everything I did snowboard, hike with packs, but I am in pain after sometimes, heavy pain. But I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I just wish I had seen him earlier than spending the 6 months doing procedures. ~N.R., 25 years old

I tried physical therapy along with cortisone shots; which did not help. Pain was excruciating most of the time. There were several occasions where I had to crawl to the bathroom and bedroom. Walking, driving or even sitting for a long period had me in severe pain. Before the operation I felt as if this pain in my low back would be forever and that I would have to be on medications for the rest of my life. Since this surgery I have been physically able to accomplish things that I was not able to do before the surgery. I remember crawling into the shower and another room before the surgery. Although surgery was a success, medics with Dr. Sibley also has progressed my physical well-being in the lumbar and cervical area. Thank you Dr. Lauryssen and Dr. Brooks for healing my L5-S1 and making me whole again. If it were not for this type of surgery, I would not be able to walk/run or exercise in any fashion. Thank GOD for this operation-- I am a new person. C.B.

"...just three days after the surgery we were able to complete our walk without having to stop at all!  There was absolutely no pain or numbness in my legs." (67 year-old male, minimally invasive lumbar spine Baxano procedure)


"May He bless your hopes & dreams, your intentions and inventions!" (52 year-old female, 3 level cervical fusion using Bangle interbody cage)



"...his experience from the beginning to the point of being discharged was nothing but superior."


"Trysten, Sincere thanks for creating a spot for me in Dr. Lauryssen's schedule a week ahead of my scheduled appointment..."


" express my appreciation for the professional and courteous attention that my family and I received at the Olympia Medical Center...I can truly say that certain people are given special talents by God to help others.  There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Lauryssen is one of those people.  He is truly talented and the success of my surgery is a testament to that fact."



"Our relationship began with your care of our son Myles...after you performed your wondrous fusion procedure, he whole again with a new lease on life and the regenerated body of the thirty year-old young man that he actually was... So, it would only make sense that when my leg strength began to falter that I also would seek your counsel..." (30 year-old male, L4-5 fusion with instrumentation)


"'re considerably more than a physician, you're also a first-rate example of a most complete and compassionate human being..." (74 year-old male, L2-3, L3-4 decompression)



"...if not for your and Dr. Brooks' help I'd still be lying on my back in pain.  Thank you again for such wonderful care and treating me like family." (32 year old female, hemilaminotomy L5-S1 right-hand side, right-sided L5-S1 microdiskectomy)



 "His limp was gone the very next day after surgery and he was going for long walks after a week...We know what a great doctor you are because of the work you performed on me and that's why we entrusted our father to you." (82 year-old male, L3-4 diskectomy, L3-4, L4-5 decompression)



"What you have done for him is nothing short of amazing, as is his speedy recovery...You restored our father's health..."


"...Just three weeks post-op I am 80% pain free and off all my medications...When I walk now, I walk with a smile on my face and joy in my heart...It is because of your dedication and commitment to spinal research that I am able to look forward to living an active life..."



"...Without question Noah had the good fortune to have you as his surgeon.  With your compassion along with your expertise you make it possible for our son to have a future..."


"...Your expertise, personable concern, feeling of compassion, knowledge and stating the challenge as it existed, was wonderful..." (71 year-old female, L5-S1 posterior lumbar decompression with instrumentation for reduction of Grade II spondylolisthesis)



"...I am thankful for every stop that I take.  It still amazes me just how much I can I am drug free.  Numb feet...big deal.  I know that you had a very integral part in each movement.  Please keep being the "patient advocate" that you are." 



"...We named the son in your name for remembrance of the work you have done to us as a family..."



"...for the miracle that you have performed on Isidore.  He is doing so well walking, without any pain, + swimming 3 times a week.  He's like a new man, and he's not on any pain killers..."


"...The hot searing pain that went down my left leg is GONE!...Thank you for your skills as a neurosurgeon, your compassionate and caring bed-side manor and for giving me my life back..."


"...I need to tell you that you are one of the best doctors ever, and your kindness, patience, & honesty helped me through one of the most difficult times..."


"...In September 2002 my husband was diagnosed with a lesion on the C-2 vertebrea...This man is, was, and will always be a very important and special part of our family.  I have never met anyone quite like him before.  If it were not for this man, my husband would not be alive today..."


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