Recent Testimonials

"I am in Costa Rica, and pretty well Pain free - which is GREAT ! I am still being careful, and can tell that I am not completely healed when I play badminton, ride on a quad etc.....But after 4 months I am really pleased with where I am...." -R.B., C4-5 ACDF, C5-6 ADR, 8/21/14

"Dr. Lauryssen (and his team) rules!" -M.M. 10 months post-op C4-5 ACDF 8/12/14

"Doing wonderfully thanks to you.  I love that doctor.  No problems at all." -D.J., 7 years, 7 months post L4-5 discectomy and decompression, L5-S1 decompression

"Please share with the good Dr. and thank him on my behalf.  Your Patient, [J.D.] is doing amazingly well.  She rode one of 250 spin bikes for two hours on Sunday and helped raise over $500,000 for cancer research.  She is tough as nails and very optimistic." -J.D., 10 days post-op cervical laminoplasty, 5/20/14

"3+ years since my surgery and everything is great ... No pain whatsoever. I am tremendously grateful for everything that Dr. L and his entire staff did for me." -Spencer W., left L5-S1 microdiscectomy

"I want to give him the biggest hug in the world.  He is the man!" -V.M., 5 weeks post-op decompression and Coflex L4-5, decompression L5-S1

"No pain.  I feel well." -G.M., 5 weeks post-op bilateral decompression T10-11, T11-12, L4-5, L5-S1, Left sided hemilaminotomy and resection of synovial cyst L2-3 

"To say I feel great is an understatement." -J.B. 5 months post-op anterior fusion L4-5, 2/3/14

"You made me smile again.  You're wonderful." -S.J., L4-5 decompression, 3 weeks post-op 1/31/2014 

"You are terrific, best of luck on the move" -K.D., 10/23/2013, decompression L4-5 baxano, L5-S1 decompression, 45 months post-op

"Got this, congratulations Dr. L!!!  As for status, I could barely pic up my first baby before my 2-level fusion/disc operation.  Attaching pic of her with our 2nd child, Barron - who I had after the operation and carried without pain.  I can bend down and pick up both up at same time with zero pain :)" -J.U., 8/6/14

"Hi Everyone at the office.  I'm feeling good.  My pain level is about a 3 all the time, but I still feel my two surgeries are a success. I'm still telling people how great I  think  DR.Lauryssen is. I'm sure you're all thrilled with the move.  Thank you again" Charles F., L4-5 fusion, 10 years post-op, L3-4, 5 years post-op 

"Thank God I was referred to Dr. Lauryssen by a friend who had been his patient in the recent past. His surgery saved me from being consigned to a lifetime in a wheelchair. I had zero pain after surgery. I met a therapist after surgery who also was operated on by him who dubs him her "Doctor Carl Rock Star." I agree with her!"
Gary S., 7/19/13

"I had three very significant back surgeries One with a doctor in Orange County. The last two with Dr. Lauryssen. His diagnosis were spot on. He is a kind and care and physician, you're not just another patient. My first surgery with Dr. Lauryssen was a three level fusion. That lasted many many years. Slowly the pain begin to return. That brought me back for a two-level decompression above the fusion. He literally saved my life. I was able to get off almost all of the pain medication. Now a take an occasional Norco. No more of the big heavy drugs. I would recommend Dr. Lauryssen to anyone including my own family members without hesitation." -Jim P., 6/10/13

"Definite improvement since last time we spoke. My physical therapist was very impressed with the success of my surgery and healing." -Anna Q., C4-5 ACDF, C5-6, C6-7 ProDisc, 3 level cervical hybrid, 7 months post-op 5/31/13

"I just saw two neurosurgeons about my upcoming cervical fusion...and no one is Dr Lauryssen..." -Mary M., 4/17/13

"I'm doing very well. Thank you." -Marilyn M., right L5-S1 discectomy, 4 months post-op, 4/16/13

"My sciatica pain pre-surgery was unbearable.  Right after surgery, Dr. Lauryssen was at the foot of my bed and inquired about the level of my pain down my left leg.  It was GONE! That was a huge blessing to me.  I had also temporarily lost the use of my left leg pre-surgery due to the pressure of herniated disks. With the help of the physical therapists and occupational therapists post-surgery, I was well-equipped to go home and work on my recovery. I have not had to use a cane regulary now for the past few months and I am so thankful! It has taken about four years and I continue to work on getting stronger every day." -Nancy W., left-sided hemilaminotomy L4-5, complete radical discectomy, L4-5, 3 years 6 months post-op, 4/2/13

"Thank you Dr. Lauryssen for giving me my health back. You’re a great doctor." -Dennis M., 1/25/13, 5 months post-op cervical fusion

"My back feels amazing!!!!!! Thank you :)" -Tracey N., lumbar hybrid, 1 year post-op, 1/22/13

"Thank you I feel great. I really am lucky and blessed to be so pain free. Returning to teaching full time has been wonderful."- Phoebe H., 1/16/13, 7 months post-op cervical hybrid 

"We can't thank you enough Dr. Lauryssen for everything you have done to help me get my life back. Thanks for getting rid of my weak human parts!” -R. Craig P., 6 months post-op 3 level cervical hybrid, 1/13/13

"I'm feeling well.  I played ball before the holidays and my back hasn't felt this good in about six or seven years!" -John K., ALIF L3-4, 1 year, 1 month post-op, 1/10/13

"I was told before my surgery that the area of my spine where the fusion would be done was in the straightest part of my back, and therefore is the easiest, ie less complicated surgery to perform. Dr. Lauryssen assured me the surgery would help, it would take away the severe pain I was experiencing, and it did. I am very grateful to the doctor and I feel the surgery was a huge success." -Tony K. 12/3/12, posterior fusion L3-4, 3 years 10 months post-op

"I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Dr. Lauryssen made me feel comfortable and secure. I felt sure that some of my movement would be restored, and it was!" R.C. 10/13/12, 3 level cervical hybrid, 15 months post-op

"Dr. L is a rockstar.  I am very happy with his work.  I feel like a million bucks.  My back is amazing." H.W. 10/1/12 lumbar hybrid, 1 year post-op

"My recovery has been amazing because of an amazing surgeon. My pain is manageable with little to no meds (no opiates) and life is good. Thank you Dr. Lauryssen." -John B. 9/27/12

"Great work Doc and staff!" - Fred Z. 8/24/12

"I am a multiple myeloma cancer patient. I am able to function fully. I walk some and ride my bike 15-20 miles several times a week. I have not had any additional compression fractures since the one that was treated by the kyphoplasty. Overall I am doing quite well." - Malcolm K. 8/23/12

"I'm very pleased with my two surgeries and Dr. Lauryssen." - Charles F. 8/23/12

"Thank you Dr. Lauryssen, I feel so much better after the surgery and I know all these discomforts are part of recovering. Now, I feel that I am getting back to my normal life. You are a wonderful doctor who works with passion for your patients." - Maria T. 8/23/12 

" Dr. L did a good job on my back." - Kathleen M. 8/23/12

" Dr. Lauryssen and his whole staff have been very benificial in my recovery, and have always been available to me when I need to talk to them." - Jay T. 8/23/12

"Before the surgery my life was a nightmare and I was in severe pain. I could not sit down at all, I had to stand all the time and move constantly. I had a disc that was herniated for many years, then I had a fall that caused the disc to move from 5 mm to 10 mm and I had a broken L4. Now, my pain is less than what I had before my fall. I am 85% better than before the surgery. I am very greatful to Dr. Lauryssen. - Shohreh N. 8/23/12

"Dr. L rocks!" - Jennifer U. 8/23/12

"I had my back surgery June 23, 2009. As long as I behave myself and walk, stretch, and exercise, I feel great. I was given restrictions after surgery and have been diligent following them; i.e., do not lift heavy weight, limit amount of bending and potentially difficult moves. I used to be lazy; now I'm careful! I also had neck surgery in 2009 -- November -- and Dr. Lauryssen told me he could only get 80% of the pain. Compared to where I was, it's been a miracle! Now, if I have to take a couple of Advil, I resent it. I'm grateful every day that I can walk...seriously. Thank you." - Deborah H. 8/22/12

"Thank you Dr Lauryssen for a job well done." -Ted C. 8/21/12

"Hope some day to be completely pain free. Back is doing pretty well with daily stiffness and some pain, but over-all, I am pleased. Thanks to Natalie for prescribing anti inflam pills that have been very helpful." - Jim F. 8/21/12

"My back feels like it did when I was a teenager. I have no pain and so far I can do anything I want. Thanks Dr. Lauryssen." -Jennifer N. 8/21/12

"Dr. L. did a fabulous job with my lumber surgery; from the moment I woke up, I had no pain there, and it's continued to be a very successful experience. Thank you, Dr. L.!" - Eileen S. 8/21/12

"Dr. Lauryssen is the best!" - Williard S. 8/20/12

"I have had no problems after my back operation. I do my tennis and golf like I have always done but not as good due to my age...." - Morey W. 8/18/12 

"I am more than pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I am now 67 years old and work out at a gym daily, show my dogs and feel and look 10 years younger since my surgery." - Bonita S. 8/17/12

"I am very thankful for my health and what the surgeries have done for me. I do any thing that I want to do. I traveled to Wisconsin and back by car and all the activities we did with no problems. Thanks Dr. Lauryssen." -Nettie P. 8/16/12

"I have not experienced any nerve pain in about 6-7 months so all pre-surgical pain dissipated after about 10 months following surgery. I do occassionally experience muscle-related lower back pain, but it is relatively minor. I generally will curtail physical activities for a few days in this case. I continue to do daily stretching (most of the time) and suspect the lower back pain tends to occur when I slip up and miss a couple of days (and then over-exert). I've been able to ski and golf without complications so am very happy ... and hoping the rest of my discs will hold out!" - Spencer W. 8/15/12

"Overall excellent results from my operation. No pain to speak of and I am working out hard on a regular basis. Exceeded expectations. Service was wonderful when I was in LA." -Larry J. 8/13/12

"I could not be happier with the outcome of the procedure." R.D. 8/7/12

"I am really happy I had the surgery and am on the road to recovery. My numbness in my hands is gone and I am able to use my hands which I had difficulty with before surgery. Very happy with Dr. Lauryssen who has taken a good deal of time and effort to make sure I was doing well, very happy with the staff and extremely happy with the hospital." B.C. 7/31/12

"I am extremely happy and grateful for the surgery. From where I started before the surgery I am a complete success!! I now have hope and new dreams. Without you I truly believe I would not be here right now. You saved my life." M.M. 7/29/12

"Dr L's bedside manner and ability to make one feel confident and not talk down to patients is unmatched. I sleep well and am able to do almost everything! Snowboarding, kayaking, lacrosse, sex, everything I could do before surgery! My ordeal has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my whole life, but the surgery was in my opinion life saving and I could not recommend it highly enough." N.R. 7/24/12 

"Just so you know, in May I did the Revlon 5K walk in under 2 hours. This was unheard of a year before that. The lumbar surgery went extremely well. The staff was great, you were all understanding, patient, kind and professional. I often miss follow up visits because I hardly notice I had lumbar surgery at all (except that I am mobile now)." L.R. 7/23/12

"I am extremely pleased with the surgery. I am healing great and am eternally grateful to have my life back!" T.N. 5 months post-op, 7/23/12

"Its been 3 1/2 weeks since surgery I am am feeling stronger every day. I have no pain from before the surgery and I am so excited about that! I am also very relieved. The pain that I have had in the past 3 1/2 weeks is surgical pain and I am taking the necessary time to heal. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Lauryssen and his team!" T.N.

"Before surgery I was in extreme pain and was debilitated by it. I greatly appreciate Dr. Lauryssen for giving me my life back as I thought I would never be the same. Although I am careful in what and how I do things, I am no longer limited and no longer in pain.  Thank You." V.P. 6/4/12

"Before my surgery I was in such severe pain and I walked hunched over. I could barely sleep and my hands were numb. Now I can sleep and my hands are functional without numbness. I walk straight now and am pain free. Dr. Lauryssen is the definition of The Miracle Worker!! I will forever be indebted to him. He has literally saved my life. I hope someday he is rewarded for all the kindness he has given me." C.P. 4/17/12 

"I appreciate the time and energy invested in my overall outcome. Dr. Lauryssen and his staff are a standard above the rest. Professionalism in an understatment for his work ethic. I would like to point out that before my surgery with Dr. Lauryssen, I had been suffering from a previous lumbar surgery that was done incorrectly from another institution unrelated to Dr. Lauryssen or Tower Orthopedics. I was already numb/incontinent when Dr. Lauryssen evaluated me. However, the work he performed stabilized my spine, prevented further sciatic damage, and afforded me the opportunity to live a normal, healthy life. I am almost pain free and will forever be grateful to Dr. Lauryssen for his amazing ability to make miracles happen!" M.S. 12/31/11

“Just walked around europe for two weeks with no back or leg pain...great job..." D.J. 10/27/11

"This surgery has changed my life. Other issues I may have is if I engage in recreational sports that I should not be doing due to age and injury. Dr. L is the best and changed my life." S.M. 9/7/11 

"I have and will continue to recommend others to Dr. L. He is very caring and puts patient first. Overall satisfied with the surgery and quality of care." W.T. 9/3/11

"Dr. Carl, You are the best. I know you hear this frequently but even though I still have some pain and am limited in what I can and can't do, I know I would be far worse off than I am. I am so grateful for the skill, gifts and heart The LORD God has given you. I know it was His Divine will for us to meet. I thank Him for it regularly and pass your name on to every messed up spine I come across! Forever grateful." S.W. 9/1/11

"Love Dr. Carl" S.B. 8/31/11, 2 years post-op Baxano

"My neck is doing great post surgery. My pain level is very low and not as frequent as before. I have resumed activities I have not been able to do for several years. I am assistant football coach for my son's Pop Warner football team. I kicked a 30 yard field goal during a demonstration for the kids on special teams, the kick would have easily cleared 40 yards had I kicked from that distance. I could not have done that before my neck and back surgery. I have also resumed hiking and jogging post surgery. Thank you for the care and quality of work you did in reparing my body." Ben M. 8/4/11, 4 years post-op cervical hybrid, 2.5 years post-op lumbar hybrid