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"The Six Million Dollar Man" - KFWB interview with Dr. Lauryssen on spinal reconstruction...

Dr. Lauryssen performs the first California implant of Coflex™, a functionally dynamic interspinous implant...

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The Baxano iO-Flex System is a minimally invasive tool to restore spine function and preserve healthy tissue. 










The iO-Flex System decompresses bone and soft tissue in the foramen, lateral recess, and central canal.  Dr. Lauryssen is participating in a clinical trial for patients with single or two level moderate to severe stenosis. There is a Neuro Check device that allows the surgeon to confirm that the device is against the bone and the nerve is safely out of the way; MicroBlade Shaver instrument which is used to remove the impinging bone and ligament; Guidewire probes; and distal handles.



Patient Testimonial July 30, 2010 







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