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"The Six Million Dollar Man" - KFWB interview with Dr. Lauryssen on spinal reconstruction...

Dr. Lauryssen performs the first California implant of Coflex™, a functionally dynamic interspinous implant...

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Posterior Laminotomy with Insertion of Coflex Device

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What kind of diet worked best for you after your surgery? 
When I was on pain medicine, water, dried and fresh fruits, salads, cooked vegetables and lean proteins helped me.

If you experienced constipation, what helped you with that? 
The diet above helped along with a dose of Milk of Magnesia.

What helped you with your pain? 
Lortab and laying on ice packs.

Do you have any information that you’d like to share with other patients that may help them with their recovery? 
I had much less pain than I anticipated and was able to walk and stand everyday—initially for brief periods.  Because I was not heavily medicated, the Lortab got me through the night with minimal disturbance.  I would encourage fellow patients to reduce medication when it is possible.  After the first several days, I broke the tablets in half and found that enough when necessary.  Ice and rest with  a pillow under my knees, or between them when on my side, was very helpful.  I had but did not need a walker and used a cane for about a month.  Distraction in the way of reading, tv, and phone calls helped minimize my impatience.

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