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"The Six Million Dollar Man" - KFWB interview with Dr. Lauryssen on spinal reconstruction...

Dr. Lauryssen performs the first California implant of Coflex™, a functionally dynamic interspinous implant...

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Posterior Cervical Laminectomy

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What kind of diet worked best for you after surgery? 
I did not require a special diet.

If you experienced constipation, what helped with that? 
I did not experience constipation.

What helped you with your pain? 
The pain was severe and was dealt with through Vicodin.

If you had trouble sleeping, what helped you to sleep? 
I did not have much trouble sleeping once the pain was minimized.

Do you have any information that you’d like to share with other patients that may help them with their recovery? 
The surgery was very much worth having.  Even more so as I was very pleased with Dr. Lauryssen and his entire staff.  My pre-surgery pain level is all but gone and I am hiking, golfing and generally having a very good unrestricted time.  I could not have been luckier in being referred to Dr. Lauryssen.  For a major surgery, things could not have gone better. 



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